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I’ve written over 100 books and countless articles. I've helped many 6 figures businesses increase sales by using my text. I have over 100 5-star ratings on Fiverr. I'm a self-published author and a professional writer since 2008.

How Tradesmen and Professionals Become an Authority in Their Field

No matter what your profession or trade is, building trust within your niche is a necessary thing to bring more clients to your business.

People need to know that you are an authority in your field, so they feel comfortable and safe with your services.

Trust is the number 1 factor in how many clients you have, even more than exposure. Yes, you can bring more clients in the short-term by paying ads, but in the long-term, they are not going to stay if there’s a lack of trust.

People judge a book by its cover, unfortunately.

That’s why you need a great book cover, literally.

Because becoming a published author is what makes you an authority in your niche.

Yes, publishing a book in your field is the secret to increasing your sales. As soon as you publish it, you can use the book as a tool to seal deals and bring more clients to your business.

There is a big pool of readers in all niches, and you can tap into that crowd and present yourself as an authority.

You can get invited to speak about your book, and therefore about your business. And many more advantages that come with publishing a book.

Read my article with 50 advantages you get from publishing a book.


But I don’t have the time to write a book

I know, you are busy with your profession. That’s why you need to hire a ghostwriter with over a decade of experience like me.

This is my profession, ghostwriting books for other people. I’ve been doing it for more than 10 years.

I’ve written books for doctors, lawyers, business managers, realtors, marketers, motivational speakers, and more.

My ghostwritten books helped them elevate their success and become an authority in their niche.

Most of my ghostwritten books became a bestseller!

I know how to write an amazing book, and I pride myself on doing a ton of research on all the topics I write about.

Besides, we will work side by side and you will guide me in the right direction to write a book that will represent you and your business in the best way possible.

You will be proud of the book you will receive with your name on it.


The book will be 100% yours

When you hire a ghostwriter, the rights of the book are entirely yours. We will sign a contract that ensures the confidentiality of our project.

You will keep all the royalties and advantages that come from publishing a book.

And my fee is very affordable, compared with ghostwriting agencies and what you typically pay for a book.

A ghostwritten book written by an agency starts at $15,000 while one written by me is much affordable.


Why hire a ghostwriter?

For the same reason you hire a painter, plumber, or any other professional. You need to get something done fast and extremely well.

You can have a bestselling book with your name on it without lifting a finger.

You can count on the experience of a ghostwriter to write a book fast and to make it perfect.

You will enjoy all the advantages of becoming a published author and authority in your field without wasting weeks or months trying to write it yourself.


Read more about my ghostwriting service and let’s have a chat!

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