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Book Editing Service

book editing serviceTurn good books into bestsellers.

This is what every book needs and what your work deserves.

Every book needs editing, however, self-editing is nearly impossible to do. Not even bestselling authors can’t dream of doing it.

Hiring a freelance book editor is considered one of the greatest investments of your writing career, not only the best investment you can make for your book.

Because book editors do more than proofreading your text and making sure there are no errors in it. A book editor will ensure that the writing is poignant and fluid, and that your storyline is attractive.

Before publishing your manuscript, you need to be certain it’s perfectly polished. You don’t want to launch the book in a less-than-perfect condition, as readers are always the ones driving the success of the book.

Any flaws will leave a bad taste that won’t be fixed easily.

Don’t get me wrong, the writing you have might be amazing at the core, but styling mistakes and other kinds of flaws will put off readers. Readers that would otherwise love the content.

I have over a decade of experience in book editing, and I wrote over 100 bestsellers for my clients and edited even more than twice this number. I will use my experience to turn your manuscript into an AMAZING book.

My book editing service covers everything from basic grammar correction to review of the story development, story narrative, sentence structure and characterization.

If you want a premium book editing service that will clear your path towards having a bestselling book, I’m the editor for you.

I will provide priceless feedback for your book that only a finely tuned book editor can provide. This will ensure an impactful and enjoyable reading experience for all your future fans. They won’t be able to put down your book, that is a guarantee.

Not to mention that any book can be edited in up to 10 business days. Compared with other book editing services, that is fast.

And you can communicate directly with me during and after the work is done, something that you don’t get elsewhere.

I’ve worked with authors from all genres in fiction and non-fiction, and I’ve edited numerous New York Times Bestselling books.

Yours can be next!

Are you ready to transform your manuscript from good to amazing?


Basic proofreading costs €0.02 per word

With basic proofreading, you will get a fix for any grammar issues in your manuscript. This service will also cover usage and consistency issues.

Developmental editing costs €0.04 per word

This is an intensive structural edit in which I will look at the finer aspects of language—tone, the flow of ideas, transition elements and style, besides proofreading the text. I will take a critical look at your writing flow, character development, language usage and I will make suggestions that will guarantee you communicate your story effectively. This is what will turn your book into a bestseller!

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