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I’ve written over 100 books and countless articles. I've helped many 6 figures businesses increase sales by using my text. I have over 100 5-star ratings on Fiverr. I'm a self-published author and a professional writer since 2008.

How to Publish a Book Without Writing a Single Word

Publishing a book brings a lot of advantages:

  • ● You can increase your authority in your niche and thus get more sales.

  • ● You can offer it to website visitors in exchange for their emails.

  • ● You can create a nice stream of passive income.

  • ● You can attract a bigger audience to your business.

  • ● You can leave a legacy behind.


But you might not have the time, the experience, or the patience to write one.

A book takes a lot of time to be written. For an experienced writer, a book can take anything between 1-3 months.

For someone that never written one that can take 5x much longer.

And you also have to write a very good book. Reviews can rip to pieces any attempts at writing a book without knowing the proper language or writing techniques to use.

You have to appeal to your target audience if you want to have a bestseller!


That takes a lot of time and experience.


You can hire a ghostwriter with over a decade of experience to write the book for you. You don’t have to write a single word.

I am Cornel Manu, and I have ghostwritten over 100 books so far for my clients. And the majority of these books became a bestseller!

I have the experience and skills necessary to write amazing books that your readers will devour. No matter your industry, I can research the topic with world-class professionalism and write a book that you can be proud of.

You don’t have to write down any word. If you have specific instructions, we can sit down via a phone call or you can send me audio recordings.

I will follow the industry standards for the book you need and will use specific writing techniques to create a bestseller.

Ghostwriting over 100 books has allowed me to learn a lot about what makes a bestseller. I know how to research your audience and find out what they need, so I can deliver it to them.


Let me do the heavy lifting for you

Almost any entrepreneur and business owner have a desire to write a book to become a respected authority in their niche.

And most people have a book inside of them, either about their life or a great idea they have.

But having an idea for a book is the easiest part.

Writing the book is the part that makes people give up on their dream.


Don’t let your book dream die!

I can write your book for you. As a professional ghostwriter, all I do every day is write. And I do it masterfully if I don’t brag too much.

It’s something I love doing. Writing is a passion I got from my father, a romantic poet.

I love to write, and I enjoy seeing my clients get a lot of benefits from publishing a book with their name on it.


In case this is the first time you read about a ghostwriter, my name won’t be on the book. You will get the full rights for the publication, and you will publish the book yourself.

I just write it for you. And my fees are affordable if you compare me with ghostwriting agencies.

A book can typically cost 10x more if you choose a ghostwriting agency.


Get your bestselling book written in the shortest amount of time

I write fast and I write amazingly. Visit my portfolio page to see what I can do for you!

Your dream book is waiting for you.


    • Hi Phillip. I can’t say I’m cheaper than Fiverr, because all the content I write is manually researched and written. I always give my best to give the best content for my clients, and this is reflected in the prices. Get in touch with me to find out the current rates. Thank you for leaving a comment!


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