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Hotghostwriter Ltd. Honest Review - Don't Work With Them

Do you know what's worse than companies that exploit people? Being part of that exploitation.

When you visit their website, you might be thinking you are dealing with a team of pros that hire amazing writers for you.

In reality, they are just a dealer, charging you $0.03 per word, and giving the writer less than half from that amount.

A writer that works for Hotghostwriter Ltd. gets $0.013 per word. Do you know how low is that?

If I write 40,000 words per month I barely make $520. As a native writer! Can you live with that money in English-speaking countries?

And it's really hard to write that much and keep it high-quality.

And what happens if you use their services?

You get low-quality content because only desperate writers would work for less than 2 cents per word, and you also feed up this slavery machine.

Because it is modern-day slavery. Being paid this low is horrible.

There is a huge problem with these companies and systems that encourage slave pay. People deserve to be paid decently and to live comfortably from their work.

I know that working with a freelancer directly is more expensive, but you get high-quality books that really sell, not books that get 1-star reviews because they are written in a hurry.

Research takes time, and only books with a lot of research behind them are truly good.

And besides, you won't support these evil companies but pay the writers directly, the ones that really deserve the accolades.

You can't even imagine what type of requirements they have, even if their pay is so horrible. They want native writers with a proven portfolio and they ask a lot of questions as if they are a good recruiter.

But they offer that horrible pay.

Please stay away from them and never order from Hotghostwriter Ltd. Modern-day slavery needs to be abolished!

Here is the proof of how little they pay.

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