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GhostWriting Venture Review - Proof they are scammers

Ghostwriting scammers are everywhere. Unfortunately. It's hard to know who to trust.

However some websites that pretend to be a reputable writing company make it easier to be detected.

I run a ghostwriting group on Facebook where people post job offers and writers apply. One of the people that posted on that group reported to me how he identified a scam company by the name of GhostWriting Venture.

What he did is simple and clever. He saw their portfolio with plenty of popular books and decided to contact one of the authors directly. And guess what, that author never worked with that company.

I attached the screens that person gave to me as proof of his investigation.

When you see other reviews of them on TrustPilot, Google or other websites, it's clear GhostWriting Venture is a SCAM. Stay away from

Please read how to identify honest writers here.

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