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Dan Lok Is a Scammer - Here's Why You Should Never Buy His Products

Hi there,


I am Cornel Manu, a ghostwriter and copywriter with over a decade of experience.

I don't spend my time talking about frauds that pretend to be copywriting gurus, but Dan Lok is someone that draws my attention way too many times with Facebook ads.

And I think people deserve to know the truth from REAL copywriters.

I work my @ss off in this business and I don't like how frauds like Dan Lok make copywriting look like a scammer paradise.

We'll not even get into details about how he lies a lot (lied about owning a penthouse, lied about his businesses, was caught wearing a fake Rolex, etc). You can Google this thing down, there's no need for me to do this journalism now.


Copywriters Recognize Other Copywriters

The first thing that instantly made me realize he is a fraud is the way he advertises copywriting. He constantly talks about how easy it is in fact, and how untrue are the common advice around spending a lot of time on headlines and things like that.
I can smell the fake from 10 kilometers.

If someone comes and talks about your job and says something fake and totally unrealistic, you can see behind the BS. That's the case with Dan Lok.

Copywriting is a hard-to-master skill, and anyone telling you otherwise is lying to you to take your money.

Dan Lok recycles a lot of content from the internet and then poses in someone very wealthy and wise. He uses the impression of wealth to trick people into believing they will achieve the same thing if they buy his $2,500 course.

This is a well-known copywriting psychological trick to make people trust his "expertise".

Do you know what his course contains?

The makeup of the course looks like this:

    • ● 25% is Dan Lok Bio.
    • ● 25% is about mindset & how to shift yours to win.
    • ● 25% is motivational talk about exceeding your limits.
    • ● 25% is a promotion of other Dan Lok’s courses.


Some people summarized it like an OK read, but not worth more than $10.

His business model is to trick people into believing that listening to him will make them rich.

He has no other business. No valuable books or courses. No true experience behind him.


Copywriters recognize each other. You can show me a paragraph from Claude C. Hopkins's book and I can instantly tell you that's a copywriting genius, even if I never read it before.

Which by the way, it's a better author to read 10 times fold.

In the copywriting community, Dan Lok is seen as a snake-oil salesman and nothing more.


My Opinion

You should never buy his courses if you want to learn copywriting or how to make money online. He's a great poser and actor, but not a great copywriter.

He's also a thief. "Alex Charfen recently had his entire life's work stolen and re-sold by Dan Lok as part of his Dragon100 training course."

I will leave you with a video from Tom Nash that reveals how Dan Lok steals content from other people and use it on his own videos and courses. If that isn't enough to see Dan Lok as a fake guru and a fraud, I don't know what is.

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