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I’ve written over 100 books and countless articles. I've helped many 6 figures businesses increase sales by using my text. I have over 100 5-star ratings on Fiverr. I'm a self-published author and a professional writer since 2008.

Video Script Freelance Writer For Hire

Do you want amazing video ads that will hook your audience, gluing them to the screen?

You need a talented and experienced video script writer that can present your message clearly and convincingly.

I'm Cornel Manu, a video script writer with over a decade of experience.

I've written video scripts for hundreds of companies for ads that sell all kinds of products, from premium coaching services to jewelry and cars. I know what makes an excellent video ad attractive.

Having a good product or service to sell is not enough. You need to present it in such a way that any prospect watching the video would be compelled to buy what you have to sell. They need to see and feel your product or service is the thing they need.

I can make your video ad match your company vision and message and present your business as THE SOLUTION for your target audience's pain points.

I wrote scripts for ads that performed great on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and other platforms.

I also wrote video scripts for informative videos for popular channels on YouTube, such as SciShow, Crash Course, and even Ted-Ed.


Check out my video ad script portfolio at:

Video Scripts Portfolio


For prices, check out my homepage for copywriting service. I charge per word, but I offer a discount for bulk orders, and I can also offer a price per video once I know the requirements.

I take a limited number of clients each month, so make sure to contact me ASAP to reserve your spot.

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