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Reasons and Tips to Hire a Writer to Ghostwrite Your Book

Maybe you’ve always had this amazing idea about a book, but you never had the time to actually write it.

Or maybe you want to enjoy the benefits of publishing your own book without doing the heavy lifting.

No matter what the reason is, the solution will be to hire a professional ghostwriter to write the book for you. And there are plenty of advantages to doing that, but there are also some things that you need to consider before hiring someone.

Let’s talk about the advantages you get when you publish your own book!


  1. Increased Audience

When you publish your own book, you open yourself to a new category of traffic that you’ve never had before. No matter what business you have, publishing a book related to your niche is a great way to promote what you offer even more.

There are a lot of tools that you can use for self-publishing, and most of them publish your book on multiple platforms, like Amazon, Apple, Barnes & Noble and so forth. This gives you plenty of new eyes on yourself and what you have to offer.

Not to mention all the SEO benefits that you will get from having your name and your link on so many well-known platforms.


  1. Increase in Profits

This increase in profits comes from selling the book itself, and also from new business sales that this new audience gives you. A study done by Forbes revealed that 96% of business owners that published a book saw a positive impact on their profits, and they recommend this practice.

96% of the books published are profitable for business owners, that is a big number. Consider the fact that most of the books are not even that good. When you hire a professional ghostwriter like me, and you get a bestseller, the success you get from it is even stronger.

I’ve been in this industry for 10 years, and I can say that I’ve seen this effect with my own eyes. First on myself, as I have my published books that gave me a lot more success in what I do. But I also saw it on my clients, that are enjoying the benefits of their published books even as we speak.


  1. A Legacy That You Leave Behind

Leaving the money aside, a published book is a legacy that you leave behind. Is something that you create for all generations that follow. This is something amazing.

Think about the fact that long after you are gone, people can still read your book and have a better life because of it. Your name can be written in history.

Being an author has a very nice ring to it.


  1. Enjoying a Passive Investment With Great ROI

The profits you generate from your book are passive, meaning that you don’t have to deposit any effort in the future for them to come. And this profit can be generated indefinitely, as you can keep your books published forever.

And as time goes by, the popularity of your books will increase by themselves, as more readers find out about them. Books are really the best investment that you can make in yourself and in your future.

The best part? They don’t lose their value as other things you can buy. The majority of books increase in value as time goes by.


  1. You Can Make a Great First Impression

Think about the moments in which you are going to meet with a very important client or business partner. We all know how a good first impression really makes a difference in people’s lives, especially when we talk about entrepreneurs.

The only difference between now and past is that you are going with a book in your hand. Your own book, maybe signed and ready to be offered as a gift. Imagine how this is going to drastically improve the first impression you make.

A book says a lot about a person. It shows that a person’s commitment to excellence, their desire to grow as a person and their fine taste for good media.

The same good impression can be made on your every day clients as well.

I remember when I wrote my first book. I spent so much time writing it and tweaking it, and it was very exciting to launch it. And after I did, I had this feeling of confidence and excellence that still stays with me every day.

It made me feel like I can accomplish anything, and that my expertise is important.

Writing your own book or buying it from a professional writer like me requires a lot of effort. It’s not an easy or cheap task, and very few manage to publish amazing books.

It’s no different from building your own bridge or sculpting your own David. All works of art require a lot of effort, and most of the times you need someone with great experience to aid you in this process.


  1. Make the World a Better Place

No matter if your book will be entertaining or enlightening, it can be crafted to have a positive impact on your readers. All the books I write are crafted to provide something of great value, so much so that readers will consider they did the greatest investment of their life by buying it.

I can even write books that are both entertaining and enlightening, like a fun way to learn something important and life-changing.

Knowing that you made the world a better place by creating more art in it is a feeling that is unique in its beauty. Nothing I craft makes my heart happier than hearing my readers or my client’s readers thrilled and amazed by what they have read.

You simply know that because of your efforts the world will be a better place.


Like all good things in life, hiring a ghostwriter can be a bad decision if you don’t know how to pick a proper one. I want to help you make the best decision when it comes to choosing the person that writes your book.

After all, this is a very costly and important choice to make, and it’s best to have all the information you need at hand to make a wise choice.


Watch out for these things when hiring a ghostwriter:


  1. Make Sure They Have Authentic Reviews

A freelancer without reviews is hard to trust because they might be a beginner or someone that doesn’t like to receive honest reviews.

Both cases are bad news, and even though the ghostwriting world makes it harder to receive reviews because the clients usually want total privacy, that doesn’t mean a writer cannot obtain them.

Reviews are more than a mark of quality, they are also a mark of trust. If a ghostwriter has several profiles where they can receive reviews, that means they are having a very trustable reputation.

I personally have more than 100 positive reviews online, at the current date 11th June 2019. I have reviews in places like Fiverr, WarriorForum and even TrustPilot, showing that I have a trustable reputation and I am willing to accept any opinion my clients have about me. Since I give my best to make them happy, it’s no surprise I have only positive reviews.


  1. Check Out Their Website and Portfolio

Not having a website with a portfolio at this day and age is not only a sign of unprofessionalism, but it’s also laughable.

Anyone can create a website these days, and there’s absolutely no excuse of not having one as a freelancer. Stay away from writers that don’t have a website with portfolio, because that’s a clear sign they don’t take their job seriously.

Besides, not having an online presence makes it easy to hide under a rock if you do something shady, so this is another red flag to not trust them.


  1. Communicate With Them and See How They Are as a Person

Finding a good writer is like finding a good tailor: they have to fit you.

Each writer has a unique writing style, and most professional writers focus on several niches. But finding a writer that is suitable for you also involves you like them as a person.

Over my decade long career, I found I work much better with clients that are more like me. That doesn’t mean I make discrimination when it comes to people that hire me. It just means that it’s a smoother working relationship when I and my clients have things in common.

An important thing to notice is the patience of your future writer. A professional writer will gladly answer all your questions and will not rush you into a buying decision.

If that person seems hasty or insecure, it’s best to find wordsmiths elsewhere.


  1. See If They Are Clear About Delivery Time and Payment Schedule

When you talk with a serious writer, they will be clear to tell you how much it will cost you, how they expect payment and in how much time that specific work is going to be delivered.

Vagueness in all these things can be a sign of dealing with an amateur.

You want to make sure that you know all the specific details before entering into any business relationship. You don’t want to find out later that the service you got is not what you imagined.

Don’t shy away from asking serious questions and clearly present your terms.


  1. Read Samples They Have From Multiple Niches and See How They Adapt

While many people are looking for writers that are expert in a certain niche, you can tell more about a freelance writer by studying various topics and niches.

Writing about the things you know over and over again is not that hard. For example, I could write a self-help article or book with my eyes closed. I'm that good at it!

But when it comes to topics that are somewhat new, that’s where you can see true writers shine. A professional writer must be able to tackle any subject and create a masterpiece on it. Yes, it takes time to master a niche, but we are talking here about pure writing skills.

My strong topics are self-help, relationships, SEO, religion, how-to guides, fitness, nutrition, marketing, and romance, but I wrote in many other different niches as well. My portfolio shows how versatile I am.

I rarely refuse work based on the niches, unless it’s something that contradicts my values. If it comes to challenges, I love to have something difficult to write about. That makes me grow and become better at what I do.

If you can spot an article someone wrote from 100 meters, meaning that the writing style is the same all the time, that means the writer is not very flexible or professional.

A really good ghostwriter, like myself, must mold to every specific client and audience.

A ghostwriter must also sound more like their client and less like themselves.


  1. Try To Hire a Freelance Content Writer Rather Than a Company

Over the years, I had the chance to work with many writing companies and I had my profile on lots of freelancing platforms.

And I want to share something from my experience and from what I have seen around me.

I don’t have anything against writing companies, but I have to say that most of them overwork and underpay their writers.

The end result?

You get a book that is written by several (not only one) writers that are really sad about what they do. Most stick to writing companies because it’s safe.

The companies take advantage of this and pay a very small percentage for their services.

You end up with a book that doesn’t sound professional and that doesn’t have the same tonality from the first page to last.

I understand the appealing of going with these companies. They seem like they know what they do and they make very bold claims like having the best team of writers. The reality is not that beautiful.

Content mills are seen as the worst thing in the writing world. They are like modern slavery tools that take advantage of writers that need to find constant and urgent work.

Being on your own is hard, that’s true. You have to create your own website and promote your services. You have to learn about marketing and SEO.

But being an independent writer gives me the freedom and pay I deserve.

Freelancing platforms are ok-ish, but they still take a big cut of profits (20%), and they generally have very strict rules that put the freelancer in tough situations where they HAVE to accept any work they get.

Why do I tell these to you?

Because you want to find a happy and productive writer, that has the time and the energy to create little works of art with words for you.

You don’t want an underpaid and overworked writer, trust me on that. Even the best of the best deliver crappy work when they are tired and frustrated.

You also don’t want a bunch of writers to create puzzles that the company assemble together to give you a project.

I said about a tailor above, so I am going to make another similar comparison. Hiring a freelance writer is to buying from a writing company what is having your own tailor to buying your suit at a general store.

The difference in quality is ground-breaking.

I have nothing against companies, as I plan to develop my own writing company in the future as well. But mine will pay 95% of the earnings to the writers, while most content mills don’t even pay half of the profits to the writers. (My company will also connect clients to writers.)

Sure, there are exceptions to the rule. Yet, like in everything else, having a personal experience with a professional is much better than hiring a company.


These are my reasons and tips to hire a ghostwriter. I’ve been doing this for 10 years and I’ve wrote over 100 books for my clients, so I am talking from my own experience.

I hope the information you found here was helpful.

If you need help at writing a book or you need a killer description that will make your book sell like hotcakes, contact me and I will write them for you.

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