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Log Furniture Woodworking

Log furniture is a model of rustic furniture that is made out of whole logs. Most of the times, it is designed to have a “pioneer” aspect. Depending on the manufacturing ways used, log furniture is usually very strong and long-lasting.

You can get a deep sense of pride and a lot of pleasure from building your own log furniture. Log furniture is still used today by those that love to feel at one with nature. There are multiple ways to build log furniture, and there is no right or wrong. Depending on the taste of the buyer, some of the log furniture has a very rustic look, while others have a sleeker design.

To achieve rustic looks, special tools are used and each individual part is built separately. The wood must be hand sanded and peeled, to give a more natural design to the furniture.



Woodturning is used to create shapes symmetrical around the axis of rotation, using a wood lathe and hand-held tools. A wood lathe is a simple mechanism that looks similar to the potter’s wheel. It can generate a lot of beautiful forms. The one that uses the mechanism is called a turner.

A variety of items can be made on the wood lather, including needle cases, tool handles, bodkins, egg cups, rolling pins, thimbles, cylindrical boxes, candlesticks, baseball bats, sculptures, spinning tops, chair seats and more. The industrial production has replaced many if not all of these items, but woodturning is still used by those that want to have masterfully crafted objects made from wood.



Woodcarving is a method of woodworking that involves sculpting the wooden object with a knife, a chisel and a mallet. The wood sculpting has been a practice that dates from the ancient times of humanity, but it survives much less well comparing to the sculptures from stone or bronze, because it is very vulnerable to fire, decay and insect damage. Because of these reasons, woodcarving is mostly used for indoor purposes, as it survives much better with the passing of time.

Wood can take very fine details and it’s light, thus making it very suitable for sculptures and masks intended to be carried or worn.



Pyrogravure or Pyrography is a form of art used to decorate wood and other materials by using burn marks. The burn marks are a result of the controlled application of a very heated object, like a poker. Other names for it include wood burning or pokerwork.

From the Greek pur (fire) and graphos (writing), the term actually means “writing with fire”. It can be practiced in a variety of ways, using a metal implement heated over a flame, specialized modern pyrography tools, or even a magnifying lens to concentrate sunlight over the wood. Pyrography can be traced back to the 17th century, but it reached its highest standard in the 19th century.

Using a variation of temperature, the type of tip used or how the iron is applied to the wood, creates a large range of shades and tones. By these variations, you can obtain different effects on the material. Wooden objects are usually colored after the design is burned in.


Scroll Saw Woodworking

A scroll saw is a small pedal-operated or electric saw used to cut difficult curves in metal, wood or other materials. It is more delicate than a power jigsaw, and easier to use than a fretsaw or hand coping saw. It is capable of cutting curves with edges and other dedicated forms.

If you need clean and intricate cuts, this is the right saw for you. A scroll saw can be used to create small sculptures, cool jigsaw puzzled and many other objects. You rarely have to sand after you use it, that’s the great things about scroll saws. You get precise and clean cuts in no time. Many scroll saws operate with a foot pedal that controls the motor, thus allowing you to freely handle the material with your hands.


Wood Mosaics

Wood has played a major role in human civilization. You can find wood everywhere, from the ancient civilization to the modern people. Wood mosaics are mostly made from reclaimed wood. If you like to be eco-friendly, I am sure you will like to have these tiles installed. There are used as decors in commercial and residential building. The tile colors, designs and shapes come in a variety of types, to match any design of wall or furniture. You get that natural color design that cannot be created with any artificial colorings.

The wood backsplashes and flooring absorb the noise, making wood mosaics perfect for those that don’t want to hear the noise coming from other rooms. It is also the best look you can have. You can find darker or lighter shades on the market, depending on your design needs.



Miter saw

A miter saw is used to create meticulous miters and crosscuts in a piece of wood by pulling a mounted circular saw blade down in a quick motion or by pulling a large backsaw. Also known as power miter saw, drop saw, or chop saw, this is a power tool that can be used to create accurate and quick crosscuts in a workpiece on the adjusted angle. The common blade sizes range from eight to twelve inches, and most miter saws are portable and small.

The invention of the power miter took place in 1964, and it was made by Ed Niehaus, a tool designer. The miter saw had some innovations that are still found today: blade braking, dust collection, and radial arc spring.

There are a couple of types of miter saws:

-    Dual compound-miter saw: Allows the head to rotate when angled, on both the right and left-hand sides.

-    Sliding compound-miter saw: They are able to move the saw head on a sliding rail, back and forth.

-    Original miter box and saw: A wooden or plastic box with three sides and 90° and 45° slits is used to guide the hand or back saw.

-    Power/Standard miter saw: It is a powered version generally created to make straight cross cuts.

-    Laser/Led miter-saws: These saws have a more precise cutting because they use laser guide.

Miter saws are safer to use for woodworking, because the wood piece is held fixed against a fence, and only the saw head moves. This allows the hands to be kept away from the blade, and kick-back is almost impossible.


Palm Router

Also known as a trim router or laminate trimmer, a palm router is a compact router created for light-duty operations. Palm routers usually have small motors under 2HP. It is created to operate woodworking tasks that otherwise would be exhausting with larger and heavier tools, like trimming veneer or plastic laminate.

In 1915 were invented the first handheld power routers, called Onsruters. Routing is a high-speed process of trimming, shaping and cutting wood and other materials. Starting from the year 1960, the more common form of the router became the power tool form. Routers can be hand-held because the forces against the cutter are light. They run at very high speeds, therefore even a small router can cut rapidly.

Routers have a variety of uses. They are capable of producing mortises, tenons, dovetails, dados, raised panel frames and doors, moldings of infinite varieties, cutting circles and so much more. This is accomplished with the help of a multitude of bits and jigs.

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