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5 Reasons Why Every Entrepreneur Should Publish A Book (Infographic)

5 Reasons Why Every Entrepreneur Should Publish A Book thumbnailAre you an Entrepreneur? Creator? Influencer? CEO? Consultant? Professional?

I have something important to tell you…

Becoming an author is good for business.

You want your business to succeed, but it’s hard to stand out. You can struggle with getting clients and customers even if you sink lots of money into marketing and spend all your free time at networking events.

What if I told you there’s a better option to establish yourself as an authority in your niche and bring a stream of additional revenue at the same time?

Before investing more money into marketing, consider publishing a book instead.


What Type of Book?

I know you have a business to run and a book sounds like a time-consuming project.

Let’s first define what kind of book you should publish.

We are talking about a nonfiction book on a topic that is very related to your business. Depending on what your niche is, your book could explain how to use specific software that everyone in your industry needs, or offer tips to be successful in your industry. You could teach them how to be more productive or creative, or simply explain something that you are always asked.

The main point is that this book has to be related to your business and help you establish yourself as an expert. That will boost your business and credibility.


Books Build Businesses

When you read a nonfiction book about a specific subject, you instantly see the author as an expert in that matter. Because writing a good book requires a lot of research and experience.

This method of proven authority is one of the most impressive for people. It’s something tangible that instantly increases your authority in front of your audience.

You are not just an entrepreneur any more, you are a published author.

Publishing a book for your business will help you with:


  1. Increased and diversified marketing for your business

Your book is going to take you places where you wouldn’t be able to reach before. You get a book landing page, you get listed on and other book shops, which increases your SEO exposure, you can get invited by the media to speak as an author, and many other benefits.

You will get a lot of clients from a great sea of readers that are interested in what you publish. And of course, details about your business will be included in the book, so you advertise to the people most excited about what you have to say.

Publishing a book is one of the most amazing marketing tools you have at your disposal.

A simple marketing idea: You make a contest from time to time and award your social media followers free copies of your book. That will increase your reach by having a contest and by giving away copies of your books.

The possibilities for promotion are endless.


  1. Instant expertise

Demonstrating your experience in your field is now easier than ever. Even if you are an artist, real estate agent, lawyer or accountant, you can always pull out a chapter from your book and show a potential client how well-versed you are in that topic.

Nothing establishes you as an authority in your field as a book published on the subject.


  1. The best business card

Talk about making a good first impression!

Business cards look amateur when compared with handing out signed copies of your published book to potential clients or business partners.

How many people can impress with a book that has their name on it?

If you see 10 people for a business deal and one hands you a book that proves their expertise, you can bet that the one with their name on the book is going to stand out from the crowd.

And what’s even better, people tend to keep books and even give them to others. The same can’t be said about business cards.


  1. A great reason to increase prices

If you offer services that demand your presence and expertise, being a published author gives you the right opportunity to raise the prices.

You will be elevated at another level. Your professional “value” will increase tremendously.

That means publishing a book is one of the best investments for your professional career in terms of ROI. You publish a book once and reap the reward for your entire future career.

Isn’t that amazing?


  1. A source of passive income

Publishing a book shouldn’t be about making more money, but the sales you are going to generate are a nice passive income.

And besides, you can use the profits from the book sales to advertise your book to even more people, having a self-sustainable marketing machine that will generate leads for you.

That’s what I consider a win-win situation.


But I Am Not A Writer

If you don’t have the time to spend writing a book (and it’s understandable since you have a business to run), the best option is to hire a ghostwriter to write the book for you.

I have over 10 years of experience in ghostwriting bestselling books for my clients. I’ve worked with many entrepreneurs and helped them elevate their business numbers with a finely crafted book.

I have the knowledge and the experience of writing a book that will make you an authority in your field and bring unlimited traffic to your business.

Every single one of my clients reported an increase in their business after becoming an author.

I can help you with all the steps of it, including coming up with a topic, writing the book, designing a book cover for you and help you publish it.

I do the work and you put your name on it and enjoy the benefits.

My rates are small compared to what benefits you will get from publishing a book in your industry.

See more details about what I do as a ghostwriter on my page Ghostwriting Service.


5 Reasons Why Every Entrepreneur Should Publish A Book infographic

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