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New Scam Alert! -

There's a new type of scam on WhatsApp which involves people pretending to work for Please never open this type of dubious link and never start working with a company before signing a contract with them and ensuring they are legit.

First part of the conversation with the number +14093488747

[18:32, 29.10.2023] +1 (409) 348-8747: Hello!
How are you doing?
I'm Laura Louis from Jobber (Berlin) and we are looking for part-time/full-time employees and freelancers. Can I share more information with you?
[18:34, 29.10.2023] Cornel Manu: Hi Laura. Sure, please share more information.
[18:35, 29.10.2023] +1 (409) 348-8747: Thanks
This is a freelance job and has no bearing on your current job.
The main work is to optimize the data of large hotels around the world, increase the impact of rankings and improve hotel occupancy.
Must be at least 20 years old
Part-time/full-time and flexible working hours.
The minimum wage is 800-3,800, five days a week.
You can earn a commission of 100-300 euros by working 60-90 minutes a day.
There are no study restrictions.
We conduct free training. After completing the training, you will immediately receive a commission of 50-200 euros.

May I know your age?
[18:38, 29.10.2023] Cornel Manu: Sure. 33
[18:41, 29.10.2023] +1 (409) 348-8747: OK.
I can recommend you to the person responsible and she will send you detailed information, including (position/salary/performance/benefits). The first 50 people to successfully apply will receive an additional bonus from the company.
You can learn more about it before deciding if it's right for you, okay?
[18:42, 29.10.2023] Cornel Manu: Sure. Please do
[18:43, 29.10.2023] +1 (409) 348-8747: Okay, 4915212552687 This is the WhatsApp account of the responsible person. Please add his account for full details. Thank you for your time and patience and I hope you have a nice day.
[18:45, 29.10.2023] Cornel Manu: How do you have my number? And that seems like a strange number format
[18:46, 29.10.2023] +1 (409) 348-8747: I am sorry for contacting you in this way without your consent.
I received your contact number from the resource team. We work with several recruitment companies and have mutual agreements not to share any privacy other than your contact number.
I hope to get your understanding

Second part of the conversation with the number +4915212552687

[11:04, 30.10.2023] +49 1521 2552687: Hallo, ich bin Carolyn Dixon!
[11:05, 30.10.2023] +49 1521 2552687: Okay, ich werde mir etwas Zeit nehmen, um Ihnen das Unternehmen, die Stellenbeschreibung und das Gehalt vorzustellen. Im Anschluss an die Einführung findet eine 30-minütige Schulung statt, die Ihnen hilft, den Arbeitsablauf besser zu verstehen und sich mit dem Arbeitsalltag vertraut zu machen.
[11:09, 30.10.2023] Cornel Manu: Do you talk English?
[11:45, 30.10.2023] +49 1521 2552687: Yes, I can
[11:48, 30.10.2023] +49 1521 2552687: Kayak is an online travel agency and metasearch engine company founded in 2004 in Stamford, Connecticut, USA. The workbench where I work provides traffic services for comprehensive professional services such as hotel evaluation, promotion, star rating, and ranking. The company's workbench is open from 11:00 to 23:00 every day, and work during this time can be completed in less than an hour. The work is very simple, just use your mobile phone or computer.
[11:49, 30.10.2023] +49 1521 2552687: As for working time and location, it is up to you to set your own goals on your own time, which means you can work remotely without any restrictions.
[11:49, 30.10.2023] +49 1521 2552687: The above content is a bit long, please read it patiently. If you have any questions you can always ask me, are you okay with the nature and hours of this kind of work? If I can, I will continue to introduce you to more work situations
[12:34, 30.10.2023] Cornel Manu: Thanks for the details. Sounds pretty simple, and I know what Kayak is. I've been using it a couple of times before. I'm interested to learn more about this job
[12:34, 30.10.2023] +49 1521 2552687: Our job is to optimize hotel data for users. We work for a global travel e-commerce company (Kayak), major hotels around the world will list their hotels/hotels on Kayak's workbench, all we need to do is help them optimize their hotels to get five star reviews and Ranking and occupancy rate to attract more locals and tourists to stay.
[12:35, 30.10.2023] +49 1521 2552687: How to increase occupancy rate and positive review rate! The company will provide the URL of the work platform. We register a work account and complete work through this platform every day. There is an ASO system on the platform that helps us get the job done.
[12:35, 30.10.2023] +49 1521 2552687: Is there anything you don't understand about this job? If not, I will introduce you to the salary package of this job
[12:37, 30.10.2023] Cornel Manu: I understand. Please let know about salary
[12:45, 30.10.2023] +49 1521 2552687: Our salary structure has two methods: basic salary plus commission. Basic salary is paid 4 times a month, and commission rewards can be withdrawn every day. Complete two sets of tasks every day, and you can get 100 USDT by signing in for 2 consecutive days; 800 USDT by signing in for 5 consecutive days; 1,500 USDT by signing in for 15 consecutive days; and 3,800 USDT by signing in for 30 consecutive days.
[12:45, 30.10.2023] +49 1521 2552687: Our daily workstation will complete 2-3 groups of tasks every day, each package has 30 tasks. We need to complete at least 2 sets of tasks within one day before we can sign in for a working day.
[12:46, 30.10.2023] +49 1521 2552687: This is the basic salary, not counting the basic profit from completing tasks every day. Approximately 50USDT or more can be withdrawn directly to the account.
[12:46, 30.10.2023] +49 1521 2552687: If you have any questions please let me know. If not, I can use a training account to walk you through the workflow and become familiar with day-to-day operations. After successful training, you can get a commission of 50-200 USDT
[12:47, 30.10.2023] Cornel Manu: Ok, let's start with the training
[12:47, 30.10.2023] +49 1521 2552687: I will send you the Kayak workbench, here is the link so you can check it out. But as a user of the data provider, you need to register a user account with your phone number, okay? Registration is free, but it won't invade your privacy
[12:47, 30.10.2023] +49 1521 2552687:
Invitation code: 4Q3RTY
[12:48, 30.10.2023] +49 1521 2552687: Please let me know when registration is complete is a website created 4 days ago (26 october 2023)


Beware of such scammers! And report them to the police.


  • Got it today on whatsup!a bit different link, same pitch talk. Ppl that contacted me were
    Bethany Mitchell, +1 224 529-0084, and later ~Suzanne, +1 828 482 0915. A link she gave me to register

    • Thanks for letting us know. These scammers are all over the place. It seems they have many phone numbers.


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