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How To Make More Money As A Blogger, Social Media Influencer, YouTuber, etc.

Let’s say you have built an audience in the social media space or blogosphere, and you are wondering how you can make more money out of it.

Yes, you can promote some products or services and get a commission for doing it, either as being sponsored directly or by doing it as an affiliate.

But that is a diluted revenue that you get from your audience, while the companies you are promoting get the full value of it.

I think you can agree with me that it would be better if you’d used your audience to the full potential and not only rely on ads revenue or affiliate revenue to get money.


Depending on someone else for your money

When you depend on someone else, being it Google Ads or your affiliate network, your revenue can be cut or removed entirely. They have the right to shut down any ads they want, and nobody can stop them.

Therefore, it’s not a pretty picture. You worked hard to build that audience and to keep them coming, and you deserve to get paid for it, without being dependent on big companies and their rules.

This dependency also can tie your hands when it comes to what you can talk about and what not, because some content might be flagged by ad companies, and you need to avoid that.


How to be your own boss

While launching your own business is a way to do that, it takes a lot of time and energy to do it. You need to hire people, manage the operation, take care of things that you’ve never encountered before.

And that will take you away from the content creation you love.

Here’s my way:
Publish a book!

Yes, publishing a book is an amazing way to monetize your audience and create the passive income you deserve.

Think about it.

You already provide free content for your audience and they love it. They would love it, even more, to pay for something more in-depth and unique.

If they trust you enough to click your ads or to buy the products you recommend, they will trust you to buy your book.

And since you will be self-published, you can retain up to 60% of royalties when selling your book on Amazon, Apple Store, and other places.

That is much better than a 5% commission you get on a product you promote. On pay-per-click ads, you get even less than how much that traffic is worth.


The long-term advantages

The book will get a life of its own once you publish it and share it with your audience. Popular books are promoted by Amazon and other stores, so plenty of new readers will find it every day.

People that never heard of your content before will find you because of your book.

The sales will grow each month and I can say, without a doubt, that you can outgrow any profit you are making right now in the first month.

Because monetizing your audience directly will always be more profitable than monetizing it through a third-party.

Also, think about the legacy you will leave behind, and how your book will influence the people that read it year after year.

And you will no longer be tied to someone else’s rules. If you want to talk about sensitive topics, nobody can stop you.

So, you will make more money than you make now and you will have the creative freedom to produce any kind of content you want, without being tied to advertiser rules.

Isn’t that awesome?


But I don’t have the time to write a book

That’s why you need to hire a ghostwriter like me, with 10 years of experience in professional writing and over 100 bestsellers written for my clients.

I can take your idea and make a book out of it, that will be ready to publish and promote.

I know how to create bestsellers, this is what I do. It’s my specialty.

And to be honest, the cost of hiring me is a fraction of what you will make in the first month of launching your book.

Let’s say you will sell your eBook for $9.99, right? At this price, your royalty will be $5.94 for every book sold.

I don’t know how large your audience is, but I guess you can easily get 1,000 people to buy your book.

That is $6,000 you can make in the first month of launching it.

Those people are going to review your book, and this popularity will drive even more sales.

You can see how this is very profitable.


In comparison, a 30,000 words book written by me costs $3,000, at the current rate of 10 cents per word.


This is very affordable compared to what you will make with it, and how much ghostwriting agencies ask. You can do a search online and you will find that a ghostwritten book goes over $30,000.

And the reason is simple, you can make that money back in 3 months, and the book will keep bringing profit all your life.

But you pay 10 times less when hiring me.


Publishing and promotion

I will not only write a book that you can turn into a bestseller, but I will also help you publish it and promote it.

The book I will write for you will be formatted for publishing.

Publishing is super-fast.

It’s quite easy since I know a platform that lets you publish on all book stores at once, including Amazon, Apple, Barnes & Noble, and more. You will publish print and digital at the same time.

And the promotion will be easy on your platform, just as you promoted other products or services.

You can also create anticipation for your book by creating an email list for your audience that wants to find out exactly when the book is published. You give them a link to submit their email, and when you launch the book, you will send them an email with a link to buy the book.

Pretty awesome right?

I will help market your book before and after you launch it. I have some tricks from my industry that will really make it big.


What the book will be about?

You can write a memoir, you can write something from your experience, you can write a guide, there are plenty of options.

Anything that your audience will like and that comes from your experience is golden.

I will help you choose the best topic for your specific case, so get in touch with me and let’s talk about it.

Visit my page with details about my ghostwriting service and see what I can do for you and why I am the best ghostwriter you can find.

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