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I write content that truly sells and converts! Do you need a high converting copy, bestselling book or engaging SEO article? I can help you with that.

Ghostwriting Service

Do you have a great idea for a book but don't have the time?

Hire a writer with over 10 years of experience in professional ghostwriting.

I will write for you a book that is guaranteed to make sales and hook your audience. The content will be 100% original, and you will get the full rights for it. I offer privacy and high-quality. The book will be delivered formatted for publishing according to your needs. I am an expert on fiction and non-fiction as well.

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Price: $5 / 100 words

*30% off on orders bigger than 10.000 words

Copywriting Service

Do you want to increase your sales and you need a killer copy?

I am the best copywriter you can find!

I will write for you a copy that is guaranteed to engage your audience and make them buy your products, subscribe to your services and more. Your products will sell more and your ads will perform better. My text is attractive, compelling, and it makes your business shine brighter than a diamond. This service is perfect for websites, ads, sales letters, banners and more.

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Price: $25 / 100 words

*30% off on orders bigger than 2.000 words

SEO Article Writing

Do you need articles that are SEO friendly and attractive?

There's no one that writes them better than me.

I will write for you an article that is catchy for the search engine and for the human eye as well. I do in-depth research for every topic that I write about, and my articles will make your visitors engage with your blog, subscribe to it, share it and comment on it. Nothing beats the long term benefit that high-quality articles bring to website owners. 

Get your amazing articles!


Price: $5 / 100 words

*Bulk discounts: 5+1 Free, 8+2 Free

My Experience: Over 100+ Books and 1000+ Articles Written. Helped 100+ Brands to Increase Sales. 5-Star Rating on Fiverr. Self-published Author.

I can write on any topic, being the kind of writer that heavily research the topic before writing, to deliver for you the best content possible. My strong topics are Self-help, Relationships, SEO, Religion, How-To guides, Fitness, Nutrition, Marketing, and Romance.

Reviews From Clients

Writing Samples

Building the life you want - The practical Guide to achieve anything by Cornel Manu

Self-Confidence for Success - How to believe in yourself and Become a winner by Cornel Manu


My Text Is Guaranteed To Bring You Results!


Hi Manu! Thanks so much for this! The book you wrote for me it's already a bestseller. Yay! Awesome! I can't believe it. I want to write another one asap! How soon can we start it?

Awesome! Thanks for delivery, Cornel. My readers love the articles you wrote for me. I just published the one with the breaking bad habits, and it has already became viral. 400+ shares on social media in 1 day! I have some friends that would love to work with you as well. I'll send them your email. Thanks again, Monika

Thanks Cornel. Your copy was so amazing, I already see great results. Guess what! After three days of running your modified copy, I got an increase of 50% on conversion rate. Great work! Many thanks, Steve